VICE boasts a residency at Tao vid Scene interview here

A SKAM Artist DJ, and business man Vice shares with Vegas Scene his story behind the nightlife scene. Vice is in Las Vegas getting the club scene to heighten with his talent and ear for producing. Vice has been in the studio with Christina Aguilera, Pharrell and Lady Gaga, some of the most popular and talented artists of today. He's also a true "sneaker head" with a top of the line sneaker store, CRSVR, at the Cosmopolitan on the strip.  Vegas Scene Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing DJ Vice.  He shared with us his views on the nightlife in Las Vegas and how he started his career.

Behind the Scenes:

The name VICE—Vice means a wicked bad habit—originated from a dictionary; not knowing what to call himself, he picked that. Vice feels "Vegas is the mecca, bigger-better version of any party you can think of". He tells us in his words that no show of his is ever the same. His music goes back to his roots with the influence of: hip hop, soul, funk and more. DJ Vice said he has a huge passion for his career and has since childhood, as it was the first thing he fell in love with as a kid. So young and already talented, at the age of 10 he already owned his own equipment and started to DJ.

We asked Vice what he enjoys doing in his free time away from the club scene, and he said one of his favorite things to do in Las Vegas is to eat out with friends in Chinatown. Vice is a down-to-earth, funny guy full of a lot of energy. For more information and to hear first hand, visit: http://skamartist.com/vice. Get in the Scene with VEGAS SCENE and listen to one of the hottest DJ'S of today VICE.

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