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summmers350View Videovid On Saturday, November 5th in the Venetian Theatre at the Venetian Hotel and Casinio in Las Vegas, Nevada, Vegas Scene Magazine attended what was one of the largest events for the city this year. The event was the “Best of Las Vegas Awards Show" sponsored by: the Las Vegas Review Journal.  Some of the biggest talent on the strip came out for the red carpet for an appearance and to support along with performer at the awards show. One of the biggest stars to appear was the host of the show along with being a celebrity, and bestselling author Suzanne Somers.  Vegas Scene Magazine had the opportunity of interviewing her on and off the red carpet.  She had a lot to share with us about her life experiences, and her love affair with Las Vegas.  Some of the many talented and long term performers on the strip to speak and perform at the event were Carrot Top, Human Nature, Clint Holmes, the one and only Chip n Dale dancers, along with a Las Vegas native up and comer R & B star Monika who is known for her hit song performed with big time rapper Tyga.  Monika is no stranger to the strip, and has spoke with Vegas Scene in the past about her journey from the strip to stardom.  Inside the theater a number of local performers shared their talent on stage with singing, dancing and stand up. Robin Leach who has been on TV and is now a celebrity journalist for the Review Journal presented one of the many awards for best of things in Las Vegas. Every act that night was a one of a kind performance. It encouraged me to see more of the shows on the strip. Clint Holmes was surprisingly witty as he got up on stage to present and perform.  His voice was amazing and the energy was incredible as he brought down the house.

Another amazing voice to take the stage was of course the host of the show Suzanne Somers who shared with us a song written by a dear friend and performer.  When we interviewed Suzanne, she shared with us that she was very excited to be back in Las Vegas and also shared her love for the city past and present. She shared with me that she would like to come back to perform on the Las Vegas Strip like before when as her time was short lived on the strip but not forgotten. Her last place to perform was at the Westgate before leaving the bright lights of Las Vegas. Suzanne has written several books on health, her life, and success throughout the years. She also shared with me that she is a guest speaker for many events, sharing her wisdom, and motivation to audiences around the world.  Suzanne is an inspiration to say the least.  With her past health history, she has changed many lives by sharing her knowledge of her life experiences with learning more about her own health in reference to hormones, the body and balance, and the importance of eating foods that she believes lead to  long term benefits from her personal experience.

After talking with her during our interview, she left me with a much more positive look on life.  Somers shared with me that she has learned through many years of life experience to take the negative, and bad things that have happened to her, and use those experiences as a benefit to finding your inner self, focusing on the positive things and understanding what the reason is for the bad experience, how to use it as a benefit to your life not a disadvantage.  After many setbacks in Somers life she finally realized that instead of feeling sorry for herself she needed to look at the situation, step back and ask herself what can I learn from this experience,   pull out the good traits  of the negative situation,  re evaluate and move forward in new direction.  I wish there were more people like Suzanne in the world, not only is she inspiring to listen to, but she has a way of making you evaluate your own self worth and attitude, and changing any  negative thoughts you may have had and redirecting them into a positive outlook on a situation.