Under the guidance of Chef Haru, Sushi Roku continues to innovate with unexpected techniques and ingredients—such as Jalapeños from Latin America, French Black Truffles, and Italian cheeses—while remaining true to the fundamentals of sushi making: quality, simplicity, and purity. A few notable facts about the iconic brand include:

  • Sushi Roku offers a variety of off-menu or “insider” menu items for those in-the-know. Truffle lovers can order Truffle Soy Sauce and Black Truffle Hand Rolls
  • Sushi Roku offers a gluten-free menu including housemade soy and ponzo sauces
  • Sushi Roku’s uni is sourced from a 41-year old family run business in Santa Barbara. New to the menu is Blue Crab Tartare with Uni & Caviar and Uni Udon
  • The chefs recommend marinating cuts of meat 3x for maximum flavor
  • Sushi Roku has three certified sake sommeliers and its own sake label, “Junmai Roku” with Suehiro Brewery in Japan

New dishes include:
• Blue Crab Tartare with Uni and Caviar
• Yellowtail Wrapped Foie Gras with black truffle and gold leaf
• Tuna & Beet Carpaccio with goat cheese and yuzu miso
• Spicy Tuna Spring Roll with popcorn shrimp, avocado, jalapeno, cilantro, and chili sauce
• Grilled Octopus with garlic, sea salt, and oIive oil
• Spicy Pork Belly "Kakuni" Fried Rice
• Aji Crudo with Jack mackerel, ginger relish, and Aji amarillo sauce

Off-menu items:
• Add some extra flavor to a classic starter with the Truffle Edamame or Spicy Edamame
• Guests can order the popular “Hanabi” dish, (spicy tuna on crispy rice) with any type of fish—we recommend it with yellowtail
• Fans of IDG’s sister sushi concept Katana will be glad to know that many of their dishes are also available to diners at Sushi Roku, such as the Maguro Carpaccio, a tuna Carpaccio dish with wasabi soy truffle oil, arugula, avocado, and parmesan
• The White Lotus Roll, a decadent sushi roll from Katana, is also available at Sushi Roku—if you know to ask for it. It’s comprised of shrimp tempura, avocado, asparagus, albacore, and crispy onions, and pairs perfectly with the truffle soy sauce (also off-menu)
• Truffle lovers can further rejoice in the Black Truffle Hand Roll, made with black truffles, avocado tempura, cucumber, truffle soy sauce, wrapped in rice paper

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